Audit and Assurance

We provide a wide range of Audit and Assurance services to private, public and international companies across various sectors.

We respond to the challenges of our clients with high quality, value for money technical solutions every time. For our clients, we offer: robust independence as a core value against which all of our services and people are assessed; more hands-on input and accessibility at senior level; more face-to-face time with clients; to take the time to understand clients’ needs; specialists that operate outside technical silos; and sector and industry specialists with breadth and depth of expertise.

Our services cover the following:

  • External / Statutory Audits
  • Internal Audit
  • Management and Key process Improvement Audits
  • Financial reporting advice/solutions

External Audit

AAA Auditors renders external audit services to business entities that may need to submit audit reports in compliance with the regulations prescribed by the regulatory authority under which they are formed as well as in the management perspective.

Our external audit is in compliance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and financial reporting is in full adherence to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We rely on substantive testing procedures and latest audit techniques to provide complete and cost effective services to the client.

The audit report given by us are transparent, based on principles of independence and integrity and the financial reporting is always following the principle of substance over form. Every audit report and financial reporting done by us exhibits our reporting skills which are highly professional, independent, impartial, fair and aligned to our client’s interest.

We have a dedicated team of talented professionals with varied experience who are fully equipped to handle all kinds of audits perfectly and smoothly so as to serve the client in the best possible manner within a very short delivery period.

We are in the panel of auditors for all major Banks and Free Zones in UAE.

Internal Audit

In today’s global economy, organisations – both public and private – must demonstrate that they have adequate controls and safeguards in place. Our internal audit services, including co-sourced and out-sourced internal audit and effectiveness reviews, provide you with independent, objective support in the design, implementation and operating effectiveness of controls.

Outsourced internal audit
Looking to set up an internal audit department or outsource your existing internal audit department? Our outsourced internal audit solutions are flexible:

  • Running your full internal audit function
  • Developing your Internal Audit Charter
  • Undertaking an assessment of audit needs
  • Generating internal audit strategy
  • Delivering and reporting on internal audit reviews

Co-sourced internal audit
If your department lacks the breadth of specialist skills or you require additional resource at peak times, our co-sourced service provides:

  • Project management expertise
  • Access to specialist internal audit skills including IT, treasury,
  • Experienced internal auditors who require minimal supervision

Effectiveness and improvement
Our internal audit effectiveness and improvement reviews help you to assess and improve the assurance delivered by your internal audit. Our reviews deliver real value through:

  • Benchmarking against current best practice
  • Assessing value for money
  • Delivering pragmatic advice on improving the approach to internal audit
  • Providing assurance to boards and audit committees that internal audit is focused and managed effectively

Management and Key process Improvement Audits

A management audit can be defined as an audit which analyzes the effectiveness of the management team of a company. The purpose of this is seven-fold: understand current practices, relate these to company financials, suggest new procedures which will improve the efficiency of managers, present a financial gain related to these new procedures, and create benchmarks and projections for the future.

In an environment of increasing focus on internal control we can help you document and test your financial reporting systems, achieve effective and efficient operations and meet compliance requirements.

Every organisation manages risk and relies heavily on internal control to help to minimise this risk. Many may assume that controls over financial reporting processes are designed and operating effectively without ever really testing them out. However, managers are now increasingly asked to give evidence to support their views and this is where AAA Auditors can help.

Financial reporting advice/solutions

In a constantly evolving environment, our Financial Reporting Technical Team provides the expertise to help you deal with the changes — and how to understand them. We can advise you on how changes in accounting standards will affect your business, the options available to you and how best to communicate the impact internally as well as externally.