Finance Director Outsourcing

AAA Auditors has a number of senior level associates to help you whenever you need a professional.

It may be that your in-house expertise is scarce and you need a business advisor with an in-depth knowledge and a broad base of experience to draw upon; it may be that you are planning a large-scale change project where momentum needs to be created and sustained.

Perhaps you need a Finance Director for an interim period, or you are looking to add expertise to your Board with a non-executive director. As well as Finance professionals we have a pool of associates in other areas of business management and business improvement.

Don’t Forget The Basics…

As a growing business you keep a very close eye on what you spend. You have a bookkeeper or accountant who is capable of providing much of the information you need to run your business, but find that while the basic financial jobs get done there are gaps.

You would like:

  • Adequate financial and budgetary control that is appropriate to that business
  • Assurance that you are complying with appropriate accounting standards and controls
  • Integration of management information from sources other than accounts, and translation of financial information, to provide relevant and reliable decision making data
  • Someone with a sound knowledge of your business to run financial relationships with external bodies (banks, venture capitalists, auditors, tax advisors)
  • A helping hand when there simply aren’t enough hands to get the work done, perhaps around the time of the financial year end

Those are largely non-strategic day-to-day jobs that a Finance Director would typically undertake. At AAA Auditors we cover these issues for you by utilising the existing staff, systems and controls to their best potential. Where changes are necessary we help you to make them with the minimum disruption to your business.

Giving You Choices About Your Future…

We work closely with you, the business owner, to identify the overall aims of the business, including the final exit strategy of the owners. Together, we undertake an exercise to understand where the business is now, both financially and within its chosen markets.

The next step is to look at your long, medium and short-term goals that are coherent and concur with the overall business aims, with an overall aim of maximising the value within the business. It’s a long process, but at the end you have a solid platform on which to move your business forward in the way that you want to give you lifestyle opportunities you dream of.

Enterprise Governance…

Enterprise governance is the phrase on everyone’s lips. If it sounds tough, it is – but don’t be put off. We’re here to help. Fundamentally, Enterprise Governance is just another way of saying “Organisational Accountability”.

Today, there is an ever increasing need for businesses to have clear strategic direction, to ensure that objectives are achieved, to manage risks appropriately and to use the organisation’s resources responsibly.

There are two dimensions to enterprise governance:

  • conformance and performance.

It is critical that these two dimensions are balanced if sustained success in business is going to be achieved.

Many businesses fail because becoming reactive to their environment and fail to question or challenge what is happening to them. At AAA Auditors we provide a unique viewpoint which is at once independent and with a detailed understanding of your business. And we never fail to ask the pertinent question.